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Jiangxi Jinxi County Government
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Shenzhen Guangming New District Administrative Committee multi - function hall
Nanchang Qingshan Lake District Standing Committee meeting room
Liaoning Public Security
Hong Kong works
Hunan Agricultural Bureau

About Us

    "Tianyi Electronics" is a scientific research, production and sales in one of the modern innovative technology enterprises. Is specialized in producing multi-functional conference system, voting system, simultaneous interpretation system, senior professional conference project microphone, senior professional performance, KTV project has wireless microphone and other HANPU Han spectrum products.

      The factory has a hard work, love and dedication, forge ahead in unity, full of team spirit, energetic and lively team; the team is a group of senior senior professional and technical personnel and a number of high-quality. Skilled professional production skills Staff composition. Equipped with an international advanced. Improve the production. Detection equipment; have a set of international advanced sound quality assurance system; after all the staff of the company's tireless efforts for many years, has been developed to produce a series of new appearance, nice. Technology professional boutique; products have been around the world, brand awareness continues to improve, the product has been widely accepted by users and favor. Perfect after-sales service, to give you a strong and rest assured that the technical support.

【Business philosophy】 the development of the pursuit of excellence to people-oriented culture of enterprises
【Entrepreneurial spirit】 work together to develop innovative collaboration beyond the self
【Business philosophy】 to benefit as the center as talent for the capital market-oriented reputation as a life
【Management objectives】 Responsibility clear objectives clear and orderly fast and efficient
【Quality standards】 professional responsibility of professionalism
【Basic creed】 investment must return loyalty must have confidence in the initiative must be innovative dedication must be successful


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