The Third China Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference


The 3rd China Israel Technology Innovation Investment Conference was held from June 27-28, 2017 at the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The 3rd China Israel Technology Innovation Investment Conference was held from June 27-28, 2017 at the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference will inherit the brand influence formed in the previous two sessions, invite heavyweight guests such as leaders of Fortune 500 companies, internationally renowned investors, globally renowned experts and scholars, as well as about 200 Israeli technology company founders and decision-makers to China for exchange, and will become the largest Israel China Special Technology Innovation Forum and B2B Enterprise Matchmaking Meeting to date. The Israeli companies participating in the conference are all leading enterprises from industries such as industrial applications, agricultural technology, life sciences, mobile and internet, financial technology, sports technology, clean technology, media and entertainment. Many of the companies will showcase their latest high-tech products at the conference, some of which have been sought after by multiple domestic and international investment institutions. The conference will also invite dozens of domestic frontline media to conduct full tracking and reporting.
The third China Israel Technology Innovation Investment Conference, which lasted for two days, concluded on June 28th at the Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of the conference is unprecedented and highly valued by the political and business communities of China and Israel. The conference achieved fruitful results, with the official launch of the China Israel Innovation Fund, on-site signing of a series of cross-border cooperation projects, and over a thousand intentions for B2B cooperation between enterprises, with a total amount of nearly 4 billion US dollars.
More than 2700 enterprises and over 5200 people participated in this conference. There were a total of 11 keynote speeches by political and business elites, 5 round table forums, over 2000 B2B business negotiation meetings between enterprises, and 1035 cooperation intentions.

According to statistics from the organizing committee of the conference, on the first day of the conference, the signing amount of key cooperation projects between China and Israel exceeded 2.5 billion US dollars, and the two day B2B cooperation intention amount was 1.342 billion US dollars.

During the conference, guests from all over the world gathered and actively participated in various activities of the conference. Representatives from China, including Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun, Li Dongsheng, Xiong Xiaoge, Jiang Nanchun, Tong Xuesong, Ba Shusong, and Israel, Avi Fischer, Jon Medved, shared their views on their respective fields.
Zhang Changhong, founder and president of Huayang Jinding, a participating enterprise, stated: The two-day visit and exchange yielded fruitful results. The speeches of experts in various fields were highly valuable, especially the insights on how to explore the importance of unicorn companies and innovation for startups. In addition, the enterprise roadshows and exhibition halls held at the conference introduced popular areas of global emerging industries, showcased Israel's black technology, and provided a reference for the company's next industrial layout
The conference opened a new era of economic and trade cooperation between China and Israel in terms of height, depth and breadth, and pushed China's scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation to a new height in the context of the "the Belt and Road" construction.