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Video tracking conference system central controller

NO.: AY-8000M

Model: 8000 Working power supply: AC220V 50-60Hz Power consumption: up to 200W Unit capacity: 80 expandable units




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    ◆ The host has a built-in 200W toroidal transformer, in addition to supplying power to this machine, it can also provide 70V DC power supply for 18 units, with a current of 10A.
    ◆ Four-way 8-pin conference unit interface, up to 35 conference units can be connected to a single channel, up to 80 conference units can be connected to the standard main control machine, and up to 250 conference units can be connected after adding the expansion of the main control machine;
    ◆ The host can set the number of microphones turned on at the same time, can be 1-4 at will, chairman and VIP are not limited,

    ◆ The host has a built-in single-chip microcomputer, which can be selected through the host to open (FREE) FIFO voice control (VOICE), apply for waiting (APPLY) four main speech modes,
    these four modes can only choose one of four; Sub-mode: Chairman's exclusive mode, automatic shutdown. Chairman's exclusive mode: When the chairman presses the priority key, all speaker microphones are turned off, and all delegate units can no longer be turned on. Automatic shutdown: can choose with or without
    ◆ FREE mode: when the number of speakers does not reach the host set limit (1-4), the representative unit can be freely turned on and off When the number of speakers reaches the host set limit (1-4), the microphone switch button indicator microphone work indicator flashes (flashes 1 time empty for 1.5 seconds) when the next representative unit presses the speak button, and the microphone work indicator flashes (flashes 1 time empty for 4.1 seconds) and the unit enters the application speaking state After the representative unit is turned off, the microphone of the unit that first applies to speak automatically turns on to keep the number of microphones turned on in the whole system within the limit number
    ◆ First in, first out (FIFO) mode: When the limit of the number of boots (4-1) set by the host has been reached, the next representative unit presses the microphone switch button to open the microphone, and the microphone of the first representative speaking unit will be turned off, so that the number of microphones turned on in the entire system is maintained within the limit number.
    ◆ Voice control (VOICE) mode: voice control turn on the microphone, you can set the voice control sensitivity level, when the host set the number of boots (4-1) limit, when the participants are close to the speaker, the microphone work indicator lights up, if the representative does not speak continuously within the set shutdown time, the microphone will automatically turn off, when the host has reached the limit of the number of boots set (5-4), the microphones of the remaining representative units will not be able to turn on until the microphones of the speaking representative unit are turned off.
    ◆ Application waiting (APPLY) mode: each representative needs to apply for a speech, and the chairman unit with control function in the system will approve or reject it, and the application speaking function: press the microphone switch button The working indicator halo flashes, and whether the chairman agrees to turn on the microphone; The chairman presses the No. 4 key to agree to apply for speaking, the microphone work instruction halo turns to solid, press the No. <> key to reject the application for speaking, the microphone work indicator is off, only one representative can apply to speak at a time,
    ◆The host has a large screen display. Menus and other functions allow mode selection through it. Numbering. Multi-function operations such as camera preset preset and automatic shutdown time setting.
    ◆ Built-in <> choose one video signal switcher, according to the camera tracking switch to the corresponding camera signal to connect automatic camera tracking video signal up to <> video dome machines.
    ◆ Two BNC connector AV video output A/B, output the same video signal.
    ◆ The host has a built-in camera keyboard function, which can zoom the lens closer, push away, focus, save the preset position, delete the preset position, turn left and right, turn up, move down and other functions.
    ◆With the "hot plug" function, a certain cable in the conference unit or line can be plugged and replaced at any time without causing the whole system to crash.
    ◆ Adopt ring connection double backup technology, greatly improve the reliability of the system. Stability: The failure or replacement of one of the links or extensions will not affect the entire system.

  • Model: 8000 Power Supply: AC220V 50~60Hz
    Power Consumption: Max 200W
    Unit Capacity: 80
    Audio Outputs: RCA × 2 2V p-p
    6.3mm ×2 2V P-P
    XLR × 1 -30dB
    Audio Input:
    Output impedance: 2K
    frequency response: 20~20KHz
    signal-to-noise ratio: 102dB Dynamic range: 106dB

    Total harmonic distortion: < 0.05%
    Control mode: RS-232/RS485
    unit connector: large 8 cores DIN
    ball capacity: 4 video
    output level: BNC×41.08V p-p
    video output impedance: 75 ohms
    video bandwidth: (-3dB) 30MHz
    net weight: 8KG
    Size: 432×90×350
    Mounting: Fits a 19-inch standard rack

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