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Video tracking conference system representative unit

NO.: HP-8300C

Desktop Chairman, Representative Unit Series 8000 Series System capacity: depending on the host ≤ 250 Frequency response: 40Hz~16KHz (golden frequency response of human voice) Energy exchange method: capacitive type Microphone sensitivity: -46dB Signal to noise ratio: 70dB Dynamic range: 105dB Total harmonic distortion: < 0.25% Working power host: 220VAC50HZ ± 10% microphone: 18DC, -5% Working current Host: 0.4A Microphone: 50MA ± 5% Maximum power consumption host: 100W, microphone: 1W Control type: RS485 Headphone output: None Connection method: Hand held "T" type connection method Connector: large 8-core DIN Voting: None IC card: None Color: gray black Installation: Desktop




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  • Chairman's Unit
    The chairman unit is provided with an 18V DC safety voltage through the host cable.
    ◆ High directional conference unit, effectively preventing feedback, with a maximum pickup distance of 60cm, and microphone with a speaking indicator light circle (red);
    The unit adopts a chip burned by the chairman's dedicated software, and the chairman unit cannot be changed to represent the VIP unit!
    8-pin conference unit interface, with "T" type hand pull connection between units; The unit is a passive device, powered by the main control computer of the system, with an input voltage of 18V safety voltage;
    ◆ Automatic camera tracking during speech;
    Having four speech modes: open, first in, first out (FIFO), voice control (VOICE), and application waiting (APPLY); These four modes can only choose one from four; Sub mode: Chairman specific mode,.
    The chairman unit has a priority function of controlling meeting order;
    The chairman unit can be freely opened without being limited by the number of microphone openings;
    ◆ With the chairman priority key function, it can close the representative unit that is speaking;
    RS485 bus communication function.
    Equipped with "hot swapping" function, a certain section of cable in the conference unit or line can be plugged or replaced at any time without causing the entire system to crash.
    The conference unit with LCD display screen can display online: the working status of the microphone, the number of online speakers, the number of speakers applied for, the number of attendees, the chairman unit or representative unit of the professional digital conference system, etc.
    ● Comprehensive microphone management: Set working mode, VIP simultaneous speaker count, preset video head position, numbering, automatic shutdown time, etc.

  • Desktop chairman, representative unit Series 8000
    System Capacity: Depending on host ≤250
    Frequency Response: 40Hz~16KHz (Vocal Gold Frequency Response)
    Transmission Mode: Condenser
    microphone sensitivity: -46dB signal-to-noise ratio: 70dB

    dynamic range: 105dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.25% Operating Power Host: 220VAC50HZ±10% Microphone: 18DC, -5% Operating Current Host: 0.4A Microphone: 50MA±5%<b100>

    Maximum Power Consumption Host: 1W, Microphone: 485W
    Control Type: RS8
    Headphone output: No connection mode: Hand in hand "T" type connection connection type connector: Large <>-pin DIN
    voting: No IC card: No

    color: gray black
    installation: Desktop type

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