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Video tracking conferencing system representative unit

NO.: HP-8301DF

Desktop Chairman, Representative Unit Series 8000 Series System capacity: depending on the host ≤ 250 Frequency response: 40Hz~16KHz (golden frequency response of human voice) Energy exchange method: capacitive type Microphone sensitivity: -46dB Signal to noise ratio: 70dB Dynamic range: 105dB Total harmonic distortion: < 0.25%




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  • Representative unit
    ◆The representative unit is provided by the host cable with 18V DC safety voltage
    ◆ High directivity conference unit, effectively prevent feedback, the pickup distance is up to 60cm, and the microphone head has a speech indicator circle (red);
    ◆ The unit is equipped with T-type connecting cable;
    ◆ 8-pin conference unit interface, "T" hand-in-hand connection between units; The unit is a passive device, powered by the main control machine of the system, and the input voltage is 18V safety voltage;
    ◆ The camera automatically tracks the speaker when speaking;
    ◆ It has four speaking modes: OPEN, FIFO, VOICE, and APPLY; You can only choose one of four of these four modes; Sub-modes: Chairman-specific mode, etc.
    ◆ RS485 bus communication function

    ◆ Conference sign-in function: key sign-in, contactless IC card sign-in
    ◆ Conference unit with LCD display screen can be displayed online: working status of microphone, number of online speakers, number of application speakers, number of sign-in number, professional digital conference system chairman unit or representative unit, etc.
    ◆ By connecting to PC software, you can carry out:

    ● Perfect microphone management: set working mode, VIP, number of simultaneous speakers, video head position preset, numbering,
    automatic shutdown time, etc.
    ◆With the "hot plug" function, a certain cable in the conference unit or line can be plugged and replaced at any time without causing the whole system to crash.
    The delegate element cannot be set as a chair unit, but can be set as a VIP through the software.

  • Desktop chair, representing the Unit 8000 series
    System capacity: Depends on host ≤250
    Frequency response: 40Hz~16KHz (vocal golden frequency response)
    Transmission mode: condenser
    Microphone sensitivity: -46dB signal-to-noise ratio: 70dB
    Dynamic range: 105dB
    Total harmonic distortion: <0.25% working power host: 220VAC50HZ± 10% microphone: 18DC, -5% working current host: 0.4A microphone: 50MA±5%<b100>
    Maximum power consumption host: 1W, microphone: 485W
    Control type: RS8
    Headphone output: No connection mode: Hand in hand "T" type connection Connection type Connector: Large <>-pin DIN
    Vote: No IC card: None
    Color: gray-black
    Installation: Desktop type

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