How to connect the wireless microphone to the audio system? The wireless microphone has no sound

wireless microphone

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Some performers use the method of holding the microphone mesh in their palm, which seriously damages the sound quality and directionality of the microphone

How to connect a wireless microphone to a sound system The first step is to equip the wireless microphone with a No. 5 battery to ensure power supply, and there are also rechargeable wireless microphones. Step 2: Connect the audio output interface of the receiver box to the audio input interface of the audio system using an audio cable. And connect the power supply of the receiving box. Step 3: Turn on your phone's Bluetooth to search for pairing. If connected, the receiving box indicator light will flash and stay on. Step 4: Turn on the microphone switch, the entire program is completed, and you can sing as you please. Wireless microphones have an effective distance of up to tens of meters, breaking free from wired limitations.